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Originally Posted by savedfrommyspokes View Post
Some of the prices for the mid grade high numbers were all over the place....a PSA 4 Campy $1900, a PSA 4 407 Mathews $16000....seems like a month or two ago, the Campy would bring more than a 407 card in the same grade.
That PSA 4 Mathews, like Ethan mentioned, was very nicely centered but still, I was somewhat surprised by the final price realized.

No disrespect, Larry but I'm not sure I agree with Campy's costing more than Mathews, as I have never personally seen that.

Just going by these auction prices realized sites, I can't find anywhere where an equally graded Campy sold for more than or the same as an equally graded Mathews, but then again, since these sites don't cover all sales, maybe I missed out on some?
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