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At least T227 isn't an easy set and has its profile raised by the inclusion of baseball players. I'm more amazed by the recent sales of T218's, at least one of which is a super-print and one of the most common of all T cards. There are more than enough T218 Johnson's to go around. And yet here's a beat up raw one that sold for $272 last week:

And here's a PSA 2 MK that went for $416:

An SGC 3, and not an under graded or particularly nice looking example, for over $1,000:

Perhaps most absurd of all is the prices on his 1938 Churchman, another extremely common (and usually high grade card) going for more than a complete set would a year ago. A PSA 6 sold last week for $162, a grade that is the norm for this issue: Or perhaps a raw one for $100:

His T219 for $1,500 (I paid $715 for a Miners Extra a few months ago and thought I was overpaying):

His T218 Tolstoi (I paid $350 for a grade lower in 2019) for $2,000 looks like a steal in comparison to what the Hassan and Mecca's are selling at:

All March sales.
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