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It's the 1,000% skyrocket raises in just months that are odd and seem a bit absurd to me, not some stuff gradually going up or being overdue. Though I don't think there are many people that interested in c. 1910 boxing which is why prices have been flat for so many years on this material, and stuff outside of Johnson are not inflating at anywhere close to this rate, if at all. I'm still picking up moderately tough cards off eBay for little more or the same as I did 15 years ago.

There are more people looking for T206 Red Portrait Cobb super prints than there are Cobbs, I'm not sure that is suddenly true of the T218 Johnson superprint. I highly doubt it is for the 1938 Churchman's. This doesn't have the trend line of growing interest or overdue recognition. Johnson's prices hardly moved when he was fairly prominent in the news in 2018 after receiving the pardon from President Trump.
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