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Default Crandall and Feller

Hey Al,

Actually, I fall in the camp that the Feller and Crandall ARE variations. The Feller is very hard to spot - but I did finally get one that does not have lines and I have one that does have lines.

The Crandall could be more subjective I suppose, but I do have a verion that is red (with a pale face) and orange (with a oranger - is that a word?) face. It's hard to tell unless you have both cards in hand though.

And I also have the Baumholtz "variation" (and others). In all of the ones I have, it is an over abdunce of ink on the "variation" card that comes from being on the first sheet in a run.

I do agree that folks are free to collect as they wish - I'm just trying to put out a caution that many of these colors variations are not a variant by design or intention, just rather based on when the card came off the run.

Personally, I love the bolder colors of those cards that came off the first sheet(s) in the run. Some of them make the card look nicer in my opinion. But I still don't call it a variation.

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