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Great set........always liked it and started a PSA5 set 7-8 years ago to get to about 100 and then sell them all. Started a raw VGEX-EX set last year a little earlier than this and finished the 1-310 complete and need 19 more to have 1-80 in both red AND black backs. Have 12 high numbers and that'll be the next quest while I'm also working on a bunch of other Topps 1950's-1970's sets.

As for where did you get your cards......I won 3-4 different lots from larger auction houses and got some really good deals that way. 125 or so from Clean Sweep in VGEX to EX really clean for $600+ and some from Huggins and Scott and some from Legendary. Each time I won a lot, I'd run them through my set and upgrade to get rid of creases and poor centering issues and then sell the rest. Some I sold in lots of up to 100, some I sold as singles. I think I sold all my dupes on the BST and people were great to work with.

As for singles, I have bought from battersbox and joesvintagesportscardsii on ebay as well as sirius and mantlerulz I think is the other ID. Also Mike Wheat from ebay. All had decent, albeit not cheap pricing. And I bought some here and there from card shows but we don't have many of those in Louisville, KY either. When it came to the Mays, I won a lot with a SGC60 Mays and Rizzuto in it from Huggins and Scott and was very pleased with them. Tony (CAMMB) on these boards was great to sell me some really nice, clean SGC60 cards for very reasonable prices and sold me the last card (#15 Pesky) that I needed to finish out the 1-310 set. I can imagine what card I'll need to finish out the high numbers if I ever do that......

Still have some to upgrade and add those 19 low numbered cards with different backs and then it's off to pick off the high numbers one or two at a time. Hope you enjoy your run on completing the set. I really have. I have them in normal Ultrapro 8-card pages in an album and they look beautiful. I have the graded ones separately of course.

Good luck!

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