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Originally Posted by Vintagevault13 View Post
I applaud you for making this decision. It sounds like this journey is for a collection and not an investment and I can assure you that you and your kids will enjoy the cards even more as you hold them. This may sound crazy, but I swear that I can still smell bubblegum on some of my 52's! I would encourage you to get to know sellers/dealers that you can trust so you can avoid alterations and/or fakes, especially on the higher value cards. A nice alternative to the grading slab is to keep the cards in penny sleeves and top loaders. Ultra Pro makes these for the larger 52-56 Topps and they provide excellent protection at a low cost.

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Thanks so much Vintage. It just makes more sense for a number of reasons...and thanks for the heads up for getting to know the vendos. It's a shame that that's the case, but such is life.

Question, so with 52 Topps raw, will they fit in the Ultra Pro Platinum 9-slot pages?
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