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Originally Posted by skelly423 View Post
The 1950 Bowman set is a great set to dive into. There's a unique finish to the 1950 cards that's probably best described as a grained finish. If you look at 2 or 3 in hand, you'll know exactly what I mean. The borders on the originals are
a cream/vanilla color. The reprints I've seen have a smoother, glossier and whiter finish. I've attached scans of an original Yogi Berra and a reprint to help explain what I mean.

In my experience fakes are not a major problem in this set; realistically the only card in the set worth counterfeiting is the Robinson. One of the giveaways I've seen on that is the seal on the back of the card. On originals it's always red. On fakes, I've seen it in black.
Super helpful, thanks!
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