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Default 1969 cubs patch

I really do appreciate all of the input on this patch. You all have very valid points, which is why this website is so valuable. I bought this so long ago that I just cant remember how it was described to me at the time, but it caught my eye back then and I had to have it for my collection. I know the Cubs changed the style of the Cubbie bear in the early 70's, like the last post shows, the ears were more softly curved rather than what I call the mickey mouse distinct shaped ears of the 68-69 period, which is what I have shown. As far as the minor league jerseys having this patch, all I know is that most of the major league jerseys got recycled to the minor league players, but not really sure what type, if any, alterations were made to them once they received them. I will continue trying to research for more info on this neat piece, and will also continue checking back here, and will post any findings that I can come up with. Thanks again guys for your input!!!!
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