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Originally Posted by vintagetoppsguy View Post
PayPal Friends and Family - just something to think about, but as a buyer you have no buyer protection as you do with regular PayPal. If you send someone PP F&F for a purchase and that purchase does not arrive, arrives damaged, wasn't as described, etc., then you have no recourse with PP. As far as PP is concerned, it was a gift payment to a friend or family member. If you're uncomfortable sending a seller PP F&F for a purchase, you can always offer to pay the PP fees and send it regular PP so that you're still afforded the buyer protection. For example, if someone is selling a card for $200 requiring PP F&F, you can offer to pay the 3% PP fees (for a total of $206) and just send the funds regular PP and they still net the same amount. Most sellers shouldn't mind.

The flip side of that is, as a noob here you might find buyers reluctant to send PP F&F if you decide to sell anything. So you might want to request regular PP until you establish yourself.

Good luck.

Excellent advice, thank you for that. /hattip/
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