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Default Net54 again?

Posted By: leon

I think it's a legitimate question. There were more issues this evening with Net54. I didn't see anything posted in the admin part of Net54 except for this, last night, and a short follow up response by someone else saying they were still having issues today...but nothing more from the Net54 folks yet today. ....Here is all they said yesterday evening......

"It was such a beautiful day today in SoCal, until our pagers went off. Things fail all the time, but only every once in a while do they fail in an interesting pattern that goes against the things you plan for. Sorry about that.

Right now, there are no realms, avatars, search, or advertisements! But we are working diligently on it, and will have it all restored in a couple of hours.

N54/Steven Roussey"

__________________________________________________ __________

*** I haven't seen anymore things posted about it this evening and would figure they are still having some issues. If I see anything I will let folks know. Generally I know about as much as the rest...until after the fact.

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