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Default Anyone have issues with SGC holder damaging cards?

Posted By: E, Daniel

Not to run contra as I sympathize with your disquiet, but I don't think SGC or any other grader assures that a slabbed card will remain pristine forever or in exactly the same condition as when it was intombed.
Let's face it, UV will eventually wash out the colors and or tone the card, moisture/damp can work its way inside the holder, shiny stuff can 'stick' to the surfaces of the plastic, and yes edges and corners can get slightly bumped around. You're not buying pefect protection in perpetuity, you're buying larger peace of mind for general handling and display - AND the opinion of a third party to allow for trade and sale between collectors.
Just think, if that card remains out of a slab and gets taken in and out of plastic sleeves for handling or loose in a cardboard box for hoarding, how much greater is the wear and tear on the edges corners and surface? Well, they end up looking like so many other well-loved cards we call beaters and off grade cards we collected and enjoyed as kids, that's what!
To me, if you have to get a card under that kind of enlargement to show a slight rub/lift on an edge, one that you're not even sure wasn't the result of being're worrying slightly too much! I've dropped too many cards and had them land on a corner as they hit the floor to have too much angst for your situation.
As long as that card is in that holder, it will sell for exactly what the sum positives and negatives it displays under the overall grade it shows. No more no less.


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