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Default Anyone have issues with SGC holder damaging cards?

Posted By: Todd Schultz

I am an SGC guy all the way, but I am extremely leery of slabbing anything high grade that has much value. They nicked a e254 Harry Hooper of mine, but it still got an 88 and that issue is SO thin I can see where the card could move around. They also nicked a Johnston's cookies Spahn of mine, which is not so thin. Since lately my tastes have centered on more mid-grade specimens, I'm less concerned, but I'm still hesitant to place my high grade stuff there, unless I'm ready to sell it and the slab means extra $$$.

I don't agree that this is acceptable because no card can be expected to remain pristine forever. Fact is if you can't get it back unharmed by the holder you cannot enjoy handling it--wondering whether the holder will take its toll. I do not understand why SGC doesn't use a softer foam rubber type gasket that has at least a minimum "give" and that is not likely to grind against the cardboard if prolonged contact can reasonably be expected.

Sorry about your card and I do not consider it a minor matter--still, I would expect SGC to address the situation to your satisfaction.

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