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Also found this shocking ! These were tests conducted when he came out of "retirement" to fight Larry Holmes, his next to last fight and PRIOR to the date on the Hospital letterhead.

When Ali officially announced his comeback a MAYO clinic physical was organized and a boxing license would only be granted if he passed. The tests included basic reflex analysis and challenged his hand eye co-ordination. Arguably the quickest and most skillful heavyweight in history being subjected to such tests might seem redundant but the results were shocking. Ali had difficulty touching the tip of his nose from distance, occasionally slurred his speech and did not “hop with the agility that was expected”. Considering he would be swapping punches with the number one heavyweight on the planet you could compare that to him failing his times tables prior to sitting a test on plutonium physics. Ali, unbelievably, was cleared to fight, however these test results only confirmed that he could live a normal life, not that he was ready to participate in world championship boxing.
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