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Missing foil is a fairly common error.

If there's an imprint but no foil it went through the process, and for some reason the foil wasn't applied. It's on a backing paper, and gets hot stamped, sometimes the paper doesn't advance and the machine presses but the foil is already gone. Or more fun, the paper partly advances and you get pieces of the imprint.

The ones I just looked at on Ebay had no indents where the foil should be. So they missed that step entirely.

Why would someone not simply steal the stars? Well, if you get some printers scrap for free, it will probably be a mix of players, and getting a few bucks each for something that is both 100% profit and won't be looked at all that closely since it's an inexpensive common... That's a win someone can take until they get caught.

Printers waste is looked at very differently by different hobbies. In cards it's been pretty much ok. But as the money gets bigger it won't be.
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