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Originally Posted by alanu View Post
I think it's somewhat of a psychological thing for the buyer, the graded lower grade cards confirm the card is a beater, whereas raw it's just what it is. I agree it doesn't make sense though.
I'd say there's quite a bit of truth to that. I purposely try to buy PSA 1-3 graded cards with good eye appeal just because of the cheap prices I can get them for. Another thing is that there are a lot of buyers that live and die by VCP prices. I can have a card graded PSA 3 that may have better eye appeal than any PSA 5 on eBay, but if I list it with a BIN just under the PSA 4 average price I guarantee I'm going to get people emailing me telling me that my price is too high and they won't pay more than the VCP average for a PSA 3, but those same people will pay the VCP average for the PSA 5 that doesn't look as good as my cheaper, albeit technically lower grade card. It goes back to the simple "buy the card, not the holder" mantra. If you like the card and the price is right, who cares what the grade on the label says?
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