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Default Salem's Potato Chips Indians

Posted By: Bob Lemke

This set was listed in the Sugar "Bible" (and possibly the ACC) as F-338. I no longer have access to those books. Can anyone provide the information found therein? I believe there were 4-6 Indians listed in the Bible checklist, but don't recall a physical description. Does the ACC list the set? Any description? How about the old Johnny Sterling catalog?

I wanted to list this set in the Standard Catalog for over 20 years, but never had a photo. Before this weekend I had never seen one, not even in the big auctions.

Here's why I ask now . . . At SportsFest I saw a Larry Doby labeled SALEM'S POTATO CHIPS / F-338 / 1955-56. It was being sold by a long-time dealer in vintage cards, and one of the hobby's good guys. He told me the card had come from the collection of, and been attributed by, Dick Dobbins.

But, for the life of me, I can't see any difference between this putative Salem's "card" and the 1948 (and possibly other years) Cleveland Indians picture pack 6-1/2" x 9" of Doby. Sepia-ish portrait on cream sotck, blank-blank, facsimile autograph, etc.

Any thoughts?

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