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Originally Posted by bnorth View Post

When I got it graded in a group sub it was for my PC so I didn't care PSA mislabeled it. Now want to sell so need to figure out how to get it labeled correctly as it would be the highest graded example.

Never sent in to PSA so hoping for advice from someone who has.
You can submit to PSA for a label correction.

Some details here: Just scroll down until you see "label correction request".

You do need an account with PSA, and you also need to send in some photos and identify why it's mis-labeled. They will take a look, and decide if it should be re-labeled. If they decide to do it, then they will email you a FedEx shipping label to send it in, and they will also mail it back to you free of charge.

Turnaround times can vary. I got a card re-labeled recently, and it went pretty quick. About 2 weeks from when they entered the item into the system until they shipped it back to me. According to the website, current estimated turnaround time is 90 days.
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