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Originally Posted by raulus View Post
You can submit to PSA for a label correction.

Some details here: Just scroll down until you see "label correction request".

You do need an account with PSA, and you also need to send in some photos and identify why it's mis-labeled. They will take a look, and decide if it should be re-labeled. If they decide to do it, then they will email you a FedEx shipping label to send it in, and they will also mail it back to you free of charge.

Turnaround times can vary. I got a card re-labeled recently, and it went pretty quick. About 2 weeks from when they entered the item into the system until they shipped it back to me. According to the website, current estimated turnaround time is 90 days.
Thanks. A fellow member and great guy is doing this for me. He is a member and I am not.

It is going to cost $25 for a reholder fee. According to PSA they did not label them as Blue Streak when mine was graded. There was already 6 graded as Blue Streak when mine was sent in. So PSA graded 6 of them and then quit grading them when mine was sent in. Then afterwards has started grading them again. At least that is the reason for the $25 fee.
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