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Originally Posted by glchen View Post

One story that I wish was expanded was the story of the guy that Stu's dad sold the Sluggers chain to. Stu and his sister figured that that guy would hate them for the dad selling him a bag of lemons, but that guy's opinion was quite the opposite in that he appreciated Stu's dad, and was still doing well himself. I would've wanted to hear how that guy survived the baseball card crash and what he did to still last all these years.

Same here. I found it pretty ironic that he bought the whole franchise, with what amounted to (3) junk wax cases (French Upper Deck Hockey).

Very disjointed doc, with pockets of interest here and there.

As somebody who was doing weekly card shows as a teenager during that time period, a lot of it struck me as disingenuous, but hey, like some have said wasn't really about the cards.

Seems like the co-director already knew that, but was constantly being stymied by Stu. If they had both gotten on the same page, it might have actually have been somewhat compelling.
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