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Default New feature..

Posted By: Bobby Binder

We have just made live a very nice feature called Cover Flow (CV) which for now can be seen on any set profile page. When you go to for example the 1933 Goudey set now on top all the images with show with a slider. The number if images that show will be what you have it set at 25, 50, 100 or all. You can go through all the cards and if you click on one in CV it takes you to that profile page. Depending on the size of the sets it does take a few seconds to load when I did the whole T206 set of 530 images it took about 75 seconds to load. So we give you the option to disable this feature by clicking on the Collapse button on the bottom right side of CV. And when you want to use it again you can click on the expand button.

We are working on this same feature for player searches to show as well and should be up soon.

Hope you enjoy this new added feature.

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