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Originally Posted by White Borders View Post
Having spent my life in the Midwest, and my teen years in the late '70s - mid '80s listening to what is now Classic Rock, I'm familiar with several Canadian bands (now I'm reminiscing): Rush (The Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer), Bachman-Turner Overdrive (Taking Care of Business, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet), Triumph (Lay It On The Line), April Wine (I Like To Rock), Burton Cummings and The Guess Who (These Eyes, American Woman), (Canadian/American) John Kay and Steppenwolf (Born to Be Wild, Magic Carpet Ride), Loverboy (Working for the Weekend, Turn Me Loose), Neil Young (Cinnamon Girl, Heart of Gold), (and later) Nickelback (Rockstar) and even a decent cover band from Nova Scotia (I think) called The Nudge. But this thread was the first time I'd heard of The Tragically Hip. Just sayin. After I saw the post about them, I did listen to some of their tunes on YouTube (and I like their sound ) and read about the tragic loss of their vocalist to brain cancer
It's funny/odd how that works. I assumed they were more international than they were but I guess I am wrong? For me it took some time to warm up to them. I was likely still listening to hard rock/metal (still do somewhat) so they were a huge change from the norm for me. Prior to Gordie's passing, they did a huge thank you/final concert that was aired all over Canada. It was definitely something to see and be a part of but sad at the same time as everyone knew what was coming. Search for the whole concert, you will be glad you did.

Originally Posted by judsonhamlin View Post
One of the best things - musically at least - that I've done was to find CBC Radio 3 and The Verge on Sirius XM. There are some great Canadian artists of all kinds that get minimal airplay on US radio. Off the top of my head, Stars, Metric, Dear Rouge, Arkells, Trews, Russian Futurists, Sloan and K-OS are all very worthy and deserve more south of the border recognition.
I've heard of the Arkells, the Trews and Sloan but not those others. Dallas Green, prior band called City and Color, is also great and definitely worthy of a listen.

Originally Posted by familytoad View Post
I read these type of threads to find new bands that I have never heard of.
What a treat to have a thread actually titled perfectly for this task!

I use Spotify to listen to these bands and generally give each new band about 30 minutes to win me over!
Some of the Canadian bands above will be queued up soon.
I liked Max Webster back years ago!
I dont think I have heard him in decades. (Can you believe how long ago Rush started? RIP Neil!)
Max Webster, which is the name of the whole band, broke up years ago and Kim Mitchell, the lead singer did some solo work and was quite successful for the most part.
When I entered high school in grade 9 Max Webster played a concert in our auditorium. I was afraid of entering high school but after seeing that and with it being my very first rock pre stadium concert, my thoughts about high school quickly changed.

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