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Originally Posted by bbcard1 View Post
I have been far more blessed that I have any business being, but I had an awesome experience that I think you guys would appreciate more than most.

My son has a softball team in a city league. I am on the roster only in case of emergency. Their pitcher was out this week and they had another sub to pitch for them. He got into an altercation with the ump last game and was suspended for three games. Hence I got the call. At age 59, I brought my corn hole throwing softball approach back to the the diamond.

My son's team is quite good and it's filled with kids I have coached and known since they were some cases babies. They caught everything the was hit in their general direction.

I pitched a shutout (to the fielder's credit, not mine), got a couple of hits and scored a run in a blowout.

Every now and then between pitches I just had to stop and say a little prayer of thanks for the fine young men, the fact that I can still contribute on some level and the crisp, clear night. It was just glorious.
Super jealous you still live in a community with rec league occurring. We're shut down where I am.
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