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Originally Posted by minibatsman View Post
I have cards that are currently selling for good money. Example. Kobe Rcs. I have 20 of them. I believe there 8s 9s and maybe a 10.
I went to the PSA site. A Topps finest Kobe Rc .Graded 10 is $10,000 bucks ?.
The same card graded a 8 is $100. ungraded it is $50.
PSA wants me to put a value on these cards before I send them.
I want to send some cards in . I have 20 cards today I believe will grade high.
and if I could get a bulk rate . I could send 100 more.
just asking for some clarity to this.
Thanks Bobby
Value them at raw prices but if any come out high, or 10's, be prepared to pay the much higher grading fees.
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