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Originally Posted by Republicaninmass View Post
I can't hold that against them, nothing wrong with debate. I consider myself Fiscally conservative, but socially liberal. I don't think one side or the other is always right, and some may say it's a fool errand to think so.

These test group numbers are skewed. Demographics indicate N54 board members are in the high risk catagory for COVID mortality. This could be problematic for card shows. Nobody WANTS to get sick, and few believe in fate anymore.

Using 9/11 numbers by using COVID deaths makes sense to some people because they feel both are both foreign attacks on US soil. I just don't see how it relates at all. It seems like it is kind of trvializing 9/11.

I guess deaths are deaths in some people eyes. Just like people are people, regardless of how inspiring, health conscience, or contriubuting they are, or have been to society.

Ted "I cant tell if it's lack of Oxygen, or 30 years of sex drugs and roll and roll" Sherman
Well written. I didn't make the comparison of covid deaths to 9-11, but I understand it in that both killed a large number of Americans. To see that number continue to die weekly or monthly or whatever while people argue about putting on a simple mask while in close contact with strangers is demoralizing. Much like the early conversation where someone brought up WWII deaths.

And forgive me, but I think the loss of fat, old, and sick people are worth mourning, too.
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