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Originally Posted by YazFenway08 View Post
If indeed those are fake, the counterfeiters have really been paying attention...the seem to have fixed all the errors that made the fakes easily identifiable a few years ago. Maybe if you held them in your hand and could compare, the fake would jump out...but it sure doesnít in a photo and certainly not in a photo of one in a slab. At least not to me.

A couple of years ago I read all the good posts on net54 about how to ID fakes and was confident my chipper, Brett and schilling were I had owned them since not long after Desert Storm. But I decided to not get them graded, mostly out of laziness. Based on these alleged fakes, I guess it would not have mattered ...canít imagine anyone taking a chance on buying ANY high dollar desert shield card now
I am not a expert but several looked bad to me.
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