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Everything depends on whether you're looking to making a bundle or just pocket-change on a flip, which of course depends on
how much the estate vendors are asking for what's there. We've seen insanely high prices and amazing bargains at such things.

The big-ticket item we think we recognize is #72, the 1981 Namco Galaga. You'll need a truck, though.
The air-hockey and foosball tables (#s 62 and 70) are sure sellers if they're in working order and you sell locally.
Among sports memorabilia and toys and hobby stuff, maybe #74, the framed Favre jersey -- probably a replica but it is auto'd.
The Matchbox cars and case (#133), the Star Wars figures (#136), the 1960s GI Joe stuff (#s 133, 139, 142) -- 12" Joes,
footlockers, Jeep -- are all collectible, and there could be a couple of bucks in the O-gauge track and what looks like
an HO-scale engine (#142).

Is that a football boardgame almost out of sight below the Star Wars figures?
-- the three idiots at
Baseball Games

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