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Posted By: Mike H

That makes 4 maybe 5 Dan. Not sure of the date of a couple. They have early characteristics, but who knows for sure unless you see a photo of one that is dated. I am LOVING pennants right now and the Tigers seem to have had a wider variety than most teams. I would say Cleveland is up there options available as well. Does anyone know a collector who is an "authority" on pennants? D. Bushing seems to know almost every niche of memorabilia and has written short articles in MEERS about pennants. I would give my right arm to see the personal collections of some of the premier pennant collectors.

I almost went after that pin Dan. However, I thought (knew)you would appreciate it more than I.

Rob, I don't recall seeing that piece before. Are you an Indians pennant collector only? Most of my pennant efforts of late have been Tigers and an occasional Yankees but I also have NY Giants, Cards, W Sox, and a few others. Only one Indian, but it's a common 60s piece.

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