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Originally Posted by Writehooks View Post
I've been fortunate to earn my living in Canadian sports media for 45 years, starting with covering the Vancouver Canucks in 1975. Relocated to Edmonton in 1982 and covered the Oilers dynasty through '92, then turned to fulltime freelancing. For what it's worth, the most dominant player I ever saw was Orr, with Gretzky a distant second. The most talented player I ever saw was Mario. Best pure goal scorers: Mike Bossy, Joe Sakic. Most exciting to watch: Guy Lafleur, Gil Perreault. Best goalie: Patrick Roy.
Just my 2 cents worth ...
Totally agree about your assessment comparing Orr to Gretzky. Orr dominated in a way that the younger generation couldn't fathom. You just couldn't get the puck off him. Like Bobby Hull said to the ref during a game, "You may as well get another puck for the rest of us to play with, because no one is going to get it off of that kid".

Patrick Roy was not as dominant as everyone thinks. Yes, he got a lot of wins playing with Montreal and Colorado, but the top five save percentage leaders all time are Hasek, Dryden, Bishop, Thomas, and Rask. All four have a lifetime save percentage over .920

In 20 NHL seasons Patrick Roy only had three seasons where his save percentage was above .920, and his lifetime save percentage was .910

Tim Thomas did the impossible one year in 2011 against Vancouver where he set the all time record postseason performance for goalies. He had a .967 save percentage that entire postseason, and he was the most dominant goalie ever in the postseason in 2011.

Dominik Hasek has the most impressive numbers in NHL history, and I have no problem with anyone ranking him as the greatest of all time.

Even Marty Broduer with all his wins does not have an impressive lifetime
save percentage. Broduer is #42 all time in save percentage and Patrick Roy doesn't even crack the Top 50.
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