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Default Goaltending debate

Throw the Stats out the window. Between 1994 and 1999 No goaltender meant more to his team than Hasek.

He played on a team that had a bargain basement budget. Virtually no offensive firepower at all. During the 96-97 season the Sabres were outshot in all but 2 games.

In the 1998 Stanley Cup playoffs against the Flyers, I remember thinking to myself when the Flyers would apply pressure in the Sabres end "Why are they trying so hard, Hasek is only going to stop whatever they fire at the net."

Brett Hull's goal in overtime in the 1999 Finals should not have been allowed. Shortly before he scored I remembered saying to myself. "Who is going to step up and score for the Sabres?" Hasek took a team with a 23 million dollar payroll to the finals against a team with a 33 million dollar payroll. The difference in salary was Hull,Nieuwendyk and Modano.

Aside from Lafontaine (concussion) and Mogilny (traded) who were teammates early in Hasek's Sabre career Name one teammate (please don't mention Grant Fuhr) who would even be remotely considered for the Hockey Hall of Fame?
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