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Originally Posted by Huysmans View Post
Using the 1998-99 NHL season for comparison, Hasek....

- won 30 of his 64 games including 9 shutouts
- posted a 1.87 average throughout the season, 1.77 in the playoffs
- led his club to the final, but didn't win

Charlie Gardiner, in 1933-34 with the Chicago Black Hawks....

- won 20 of his 48 games including 10 shutouts
- posted a 1.63 average throughout the season, 1.33 in the playoffs
- led his club to the final, and won

Gardiner took the team with the LOWEST SCORING throughout the season to victory, while Hasek couldn't win with a team that was ranked 18th out of 27 for goals in 1998-99... hardly a team with no offense.
Please re-read the first line of my comment. One season is not a 5 year period.

Sabres were the lowest scoring playoff team in their conference in 1999.

Maybe you can enlighten the readers of this thread about the differences in playoff formats, league size etc comparing 1934 and 1999. Leagues evolve over a 60 year period (some may say not necessarily for the better).

I have quite a bit of respect for the pioneers of the game. The era Charlie Gardiner played in was very colorful. One of his adversaries was a goaltender named Wilf Cude. Read up on him if you haven't done so.

I hope you know that 1934 was not only Charlie Gardiner's last stand as a hockey player but his last stand in life.
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