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Originally Posted by mortimer brewster View Post
Please re-read the first line of my comment. One season is not a 5 year period.

Sabres were the lowest scoring playoff team in their conference in 1999.

Maybe you can enlighten the readers of this thread about the differences in playoff formats, league size etc comparing 1934 and 1999. Leagues evolve over a 60 year period (some may say not necessarily for the better).

I have quite a bit of respect for the pioneers of the game. The era Charlie Gardiner played in was very colorful. One of his adversaries was a goaltender named Wilf Cude. Read up on him if you haven't done so.

I hope you know that 1934 was not only Charlie Gardiner's last stand as a hockey player but his last stand in life.
With all due respect, no history lesson is needed... I've already given that.
Reading the comments here, it seems fair to say that some posters have limited knowledge about the game before the modern era, hence my pointing out that others in the past including Durnan and Gardiner - for example - have performed much better than Hasek.

Nothing complicated, just simple facts.
And regarding the "leagues evolve" comment....
The game since Hasek has played will continue to change....
will you think less of him as time goes forward, just because the game has evolved or changed?
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