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Originally Posted by goldenage View Post
So if Patrick Roy played for the NY Islanders all his career he wouldn't be the greatest of all time because he never won a championship ?

Funny, in baseball many say Ted Williams was the greatest of all time and he never won a championship.

Baseball and hockey are team games. You can be great and still not win championships.

Save percentage is mentioned by all the great commentators, from McKenzie to Don Cherry. It's a simple concept. A goalie sees a shot, has a breakaway on him, has a two on one, and he either is better than the shot takers, or he gets beat.

Hasek, Dryden, Rask, Bishop, and Thomas were the best ever at stopping shots. Patrick Roy wasn't even in the Top 50. Roy is highly over rated.
Yes, Patrick Roy would have won with the Islanders if he spent his entire career there... Things would have been totally different. That's what winners do.... WIN.

Since your complete argument is going to cling to a single stat, let's apply that logic to players.
If stopping the puck from going into the net is the be all end all for goaltenders, then surely putting the puck in the net is the only important stat for players....
So Bobby Orr wouldn't even rank in the top 50. "Orr is highly overated"... by YOUR criteria.

And no argument can be made that it's different because he's a defenseman, otherwise, all you could claim then is that Bobby Orr is the greatest DEFENSEMAN of all-time, but clearly not the best player.

....see how ridiculous it is to judge players by a single stat?

So much for "It's a simple concept".....

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