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Hi Paul, and welcome to the craziness that is modern cards. Basically each player nowadays has two key “basic” rookie cards, and then some variations on those.

Bowman will release one when they sign with the team and it’ll say “1st Bowman Card” on it. There are often paper and Chrome versions, with the Chrome versions being more desirable. Then after their MLB debut, there will be a Topps card (regular or Chrome) with RC on it. So those are the two basic types.

Then you have the numbered refractors/colors, with a lower print run (/99, /25, /10, or the coveted 1/1) and, most desired, the autographed cards. If you want a solid set for a player like deGrom, I’d get a 2014 Bowman Chrome numbered under 100 and a 2014 Topps Update in PSA 10. I don’t think deGrom had his Bowman in an auto version, but many players do. Not sure about Alonso.

Also, most players have 2-3 years of Bowman cards while they’re in the minors (deGrom is an exception) and those after the “1st Bowman Card” and before their Topps debut are worth MUCH less. It’s often easy to get pretty cheap auto cards in that range, but they won’t carry the premium that the 1st or Topps RC do. Good luck!

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