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Originally Posted by Chicosbailbonds View Post
Iím on your side, but to max values now, the big guns have to be graded. You are just leaving too much money on the table otherwise. I hate playing that game as I donít have graded in my collection either.
It's a sacrifice we binder folks take right? I'm happy to give up some equity if it means I can collect as I desire and view the cards and flip through with my son and talk about the players. I guess the advantage is that I won't pay a premium for a graded card - if it happens to be graded then that's fine. My curiosity here is more about set collecting and the value of a group. Piecing together a visually appealing and organized set with it's errors, toughies and unique attributes like scattered auto cards takes time. How is a collection like this valued by a potential buyer on the b/s/t? "Oh, I can break this up and profit from it", or "What a cool set. I'd pay $2k, $3k or more for this because it's already compiled for me." I think I know the answer though curious of others thoughts.
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