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Very difficult to get a price without seeing the actual high value cards.... but a quick search of ebay shows 2 sets both supposedly ex-mt with some stars PSA graded, one for $4995 and the other for $2650. No takers for either one as yet. Im not a big fan of grading services but there is no doubt that PSA and even SGC graded cards bring more money and make a sale much easier. A set like yours in the binder along with all the duplicates you mention should easily be worth more than the $2000 you put into it.... how much more isnt clear. Like I said, the above sets are for sale to anyone who wants to click on them and so far nobody has. If you were looking for a quick sale, a price near $2000 would probably do it. Good luck and hope this helped at least a bit. Rocky PS as to whether someone on here would buy these to break them up or keep them, theres plenty of people here and all over the internet who would do both. Buying at a good price doesnt necessarily imply a breakup for resale. Personally Ive never done that in over 6 decades of collecting!

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