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Default Its the Common sets that are too common

Posted By: Gilbert Maines

Not that the rare sets are too rare. Heck almost all prewar cards are either t206, Goudey or PlayBalls, it seems. Unless Im figuring this wrong, that is.

Right now on eBay more than one third of the pre-1930 singles offered are t206s. Three quarters of all 1930-39 singles are a Goudey product, and essentially all of the later prewar are Playball.

Pre-1930 = 1573
t206 = 559

1930-9 singles = 769
Goudey = 569

1940-1949 = 342
Playball = 58
Leaf = 61
Bowman = 228

Ain't you tired of this crap? Apparently not everyone is.

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