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Originally Posted by Anish View Post
Fixed that for you XD I don’t think actual collectors care about the case.
How do we define a collector here? I've been in this hobby for a while and I've met a lot of great folks who call themselves "collectors," however, they start stacking up on certain cards (high-end Gordie Howe rookies, Pele rookies, Mantles, etc.) because they think something great is going to happen down the line. Sounds more like investors to me, right?

In 2003, my good British friend sold a decent-looking Quigol Pele on eBay for $20. If this card was still selling for around that amount, would you still choose it as your avatar? Would we even be discussing it? The same goes for me: would I choose the Bobby Hull rookie as my avatar if NM examples were going for $100? Probably not. I think most of us on here are investors, but that word just bothers a lot of people for some reason, and they avoid using it.

Originally Posted by Anish View Post

The Jordan Star RC seems to be doing pretty well without PSA.
Don't get me started on the #101 Star Jordan (I could write up pages on it). If PSA were to start grading it, the value will quadruple. PSA has so much power here, and their refusal to grade Star cards is the biggest reason why people keep going after that mass-produced 86' Fleer (and calling it his rookie).

Originally Posted by Anish View Post

TPG’s are not going to turn down money from soccer dealers.
Yeah, and they stand to lose a great deal of money, right? (lol) I can only think of like three sellers who deal in vintage soccer cards. Look at Beckett, for example. They no longer grade the vintage Brazilian figurinhas. This means no Quigol, no Titulares, no Balas - none of them. They don't care.
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