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Small rant below:
So after I won a significant amount of items during the Dec 10-13 Fall Sports Auction, I did receive my items in a reasonable amount of time. They were packed well and I have not complaints.

Fast forward one week and I ended up winning a small $70ish Sunday auction with two 1939 World Series photos that I put a small bid as a placeholder. As it turns out after I placed the bid Heritage added a note saying the photo were not from 1939 and printed on Kodak paper thus making them 20-30 years newer. Needless to say I won them. It irked me a little, but it happens I will survive.

I immediately send a personal check to them the day I received the invoice (on 12/21). To date, the check had not been cashed. Over the last week, not surprisingly, I heard from a collection person within Heritage asking for payment. I communicated to them that I sent a check via USPS and if they do not receive payment by the end of last week I would just pay with eCheck (with fee included). I replied back to that person and let them know I paid and asked if they happen to receive my check not to cash it. They responded saying they cannot guarantee that since they receive a significant amount of payment (which is understandable). I did pay eCheck and have confirmation of withdrawal from my account. Now tonight, I received another email from a different person asking for payment!

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