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I had master sets from 2001-2019 before I decided to begin a 53 Bowman color set and I sold the majority of my Heritage sets. I still have some for sale, but I have keepers as well. I need essentially 3 cards to finish what I would consider to be my "master sets;"

2012 Francoeur color plate variation- it's been on eBay three times and each time I've been the second highest bid.

2012 Pena major/minor league stats back- I've never seen one yet for sale

2015 Donaldson traded- I've missed out on this one as well.

For my 2011 set I've used a green tint #139 Chamberlain, the prices shot up on the non-tint card for a bit, but I haven't actively sought it out as my interest has waned since I assembled and now upgrading my Bowman set.

How many of the particpants also collected the Bowman Heritage sets? They seldom come up in conversation.
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