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It would probably be easier to state what I didn't include as a part of my master sets:

No chrome or autographs
No box toppers with the exception of some of the salesman sample panels.
No minor league cards

What I did include:

For 2008, 2010, and 2012 I have all of the insert sets, high numbers, SSP cards/variations. I have a handful of the color tint variations for 2011.

I have the black border sets for 2011 and 2012 as well as the boxed 2012 high number set w/o the autograph.

For 2015 I have a 1-725 set with all of the inserts, action, color, errors and traded variations. I don't collect the throwbacks or reverse/back color variations.

When I started with 2016 I never really focused on getting all of the errors or color variations. I have nine insert sets, plus I have the black border and purple refractor sets. It is a 1-725 set as well.

Pretty much has been the same for 2017-2019. I purchase the high number insert sets, although I never completed the Aaron Hammer set.

I'm selling the 2017-2019 sets in order to por money into my 53 Bowman set or hopefully to begin a 59 or 71 set
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