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I wanted that card myself and think I probably paid somewhere in the $30-40 range for it several years back (and that could even be 5+ years or more, I don't recall when). It took some time and patience to find one in that range and I suspect that $50 now is probably a good buy.

Completely unrelated, but seems like a good time to sell this sob story. I wanted a PSA8 Steve Garvey. They seemed to be selling in the $60-70 range pretty consistently, but I wanted one for $50 delivered and believed my patience would result in me getting one for that price. I tried and tried and tried and even bumped my bids up a little to the point of $60 delivered, but by then, they were still always a little higher than that every time. I just couldn't win one for my price, but so many times I was under bidder. I see them selling in the $300 range now, with 7s (which I have) in the mid $100s. 6 and below are into that $50-60 range and even nice raw ones are selling anywhere from $30-40 to beyond $100! That is the trend right now, but it pains me to think that a few more bucks early on might have gotten me my 8.

Buy the Joe now if you are happy with the price. Seems likely it won't soften much, if at all, especially if he eventually makes the Hall.
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