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While I agree that Tiffany are infinitely better in terms of production, rarity and upside, I really enjoy the cards I grew up opening as a kid at the local gas station. Wax packs all the way!!!

I feel from a collecting stand point if I’m not PCing a specific player and collecting rookies of that decade I really enjoy the pack issues version more than the Tiffany. Granted this conversation is generally about cost more than it is about Tiffany vs Base version IMO. We would all love a set of PSA 9 Tiffany key rookies for our collections and investment.

I think for most what they realize is if you buy a Tiffany Bonds PSA 9 then for most that really limits the budget on future spending and puts strain on your PC accomplishments. When Bonds gets into the HOF the Tiffany will easily outperform the 45,000 graded base versions.

Of course there is no wrong way to collect and the Tiffany is the easy choice. I certainly have a few key rookies PSA graded myself, however you do have to pay to play. In my case rather than selling the Tiffany cards I would prefer to also buy the base versions and be patient and use the Tiffany versions as investment chips down the road if I choose to sell.

Just my two cents, but in the above example I would be in no way selling a Bonds Tiffany today but would sit tight as Bonds cards continue to gain momentum and the Tiffany is at the top of the list.

But I digress, to answer the question I would take the PSA 9 Tiffany over a base 10 all day. In most cases I would also take the PSA 8 as well over a base 10.
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