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Default The 1951-52 Parkhurst Set

Do you any of you collect the 1951-52 Parkhurst Set? It's one I am thinking of getting into, however I did notice the price of Howe and Richard (esp. the Gordie Howe) rookies really booming the last few years, so I might be a little late to the party.

A few years back I made a dent into the set, I think 10 or 15 cards or so, mostly commons, but decided to go another direction with my collecting.

I really like how it's such an iconic set, with so many big name rookie cards. But, the appearance of the cards are quite ugly, but I suppose it gives that vintage appeal.

I like how it's a manageable 105 cards. I guess a good strategy is getting the big 3 (Howe, Richard, Sawchuk) first?

The 1954 Topps set is on my mind as well (The cards appear much better with some great images and a bigger card stock) But it's lacking the Leafs and Habs cards.
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