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Default 8 cards short

I am 8 cards short of completing the set in PSA/SGC graded form. My cards range from a PSA/SGC 2 to a PSA/SGC 7 with a majority being in the 5-6 range. The PSA 2 is a Terry Sawchuk RC that was in a PSA 6 holder with a horrible glue stain on the back. I sent it in to PSA and they re-graded it a 2 and compensated me for the loss. I still need Lach, Olmstead, Masnicki, McNeil, Gamble, Lumley, Howe Goldham and Reise.

They have not come up for auction much lately. Mile High has some right now that really vary in grades. Some of the cards are still priced reasonably. I think Doug Harvey is really priced low relative to other in the set.
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