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Default Can you date this Gum/Candy/Tobacco Store ?

Posted By: Joe_G.

A neat photo I recently picked up. The picture was described as being from a Grand Haven, MI Store with 1913/14 date written on back. Do you think the items on display support that date? Unfortunately, no obvious baseball content.

Some "Hersheys Sweet Milk Chocolate", "Imperial Italian Squares" and much more. In fact, most of the items in the store are candy or mints.

"Bull Durham" tobacco sign, "Stag Tobacco" in 5 cent tin, and more.

"Owl Cigar", pipes, and many other tobacco products.

"Riz La + Cigarette Paper" poster.

What is this?, some kind of mechanized popcorn or candy machine? Notice the figurine on top.

Thanks for any info you might have to offer.

Best Regards,
Joe Gonsowski
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