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Default Great turn around time from Turkey Red

Posted By: Scott Gross

Just received these three Turkey Reds. Although they're boxers, I thought the backs would be of interest to all. As you can see, our original owner friend, inscribed both the ordering and receiving dates of his cards:

The top one ordered 6-5-11, and received 6-19-11: That's a 14 day turn around !!
The middle one did even better, 5-9-11 / 5-22-11: Only 13 days (although a p.m. delivery) !!

No priority mail, no second day ground, etc. Pretty impressive, to me. So next time you're getting a wee-bit anxious awaiting that next card, just pretend it was coming from the Baseball and Athletic Picture Dept. of Jersery City, NJ .....

Oh, and the bottom one ... no order date, but received 7-17-11 ... interesting: Based on past performance, the order date could have been 7-3-11, but that would have been after 6-30-11 deadline. So either ol' Turkey Red was accepting orders after deadline, or there was some shipping back up at the deadline ... I guess we'll never know ...

Aside #1: I have nothing against high grade cards (other than can't afford them), but I'll take a "card with character" anytime.

Aside #2: Give me a vg/ex cabinet with a pin hole for 1/3 the vg/ex price, and I'll be a camper everytime.

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