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Default Looking back -Five most important acquisitions - 2008

Posted By: Al C.risafulli

Nice idea for a thread.

I went VERY easy on acquisitions this year. So easy, in fact, that I'm going to count an acquisition from the very end of 2007 as my best of 2008:

1) Henry Johnson Confectioners Babe Ruth. Got it just after Thanksgiving, 2007. I doubt I'll ever see another, although it appears that PSA has graded two (one is mine).

2) '38 Goudey #281 Al Lopez, SGC 88

3) Henry Johnson Confectioners Walter Johnson. With a Cobb, Ruth, and Johnson, I guess Alexander is probably the next "key" card I need.

4) Very nice '38 Goudey #253 Hank Greenberg, SGC 80

5) 1888 Potters' League Champions imperial cabinet photo of the Clark Brothers' team from Trenton, NJ.

6) Wire photos from 1928 of Walter Johnson managing the Newark Bears, and from 1929 of Tris Speaker managing the same team.


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