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Can't vouch for or criticize / accuse any particular comix dealers, but several come through our region
a few times a year buying up valuable comix from naive sellers for pennies on the true market-value dollar,
so educate yourself on what you have and be wary of anyone offering to buy your stash. Look for
Overstreet's Comics Price Guide at your library, a bookstore, or on-line.

Do you know the brand / publisher of your older (10-, 12-, 15-, 20-, 25-cent) comix? Those are pre-1970s issues,
and if they're Marvel Comics, that was that company's golden age, and they're worth some decent-to-excellent money
unless they're in awful condition. Some of the dime comix might be pre-1960s, and anything put out by EC
would be in demand and have value (again providing they're not in miserable shape).

It's kind of impossible to give any specific advice without knowing exactly what you have. Good luck with it!
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