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Originally Posted by kailes2872 View Post
Thanks for the feedback. That is my fear.

Most of the <$0.10-$.25 books are Marvel & DC. I looked and saw publishing dates of anywhere from 1959 to 1966. There are Action Comics, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Super Boy, Lois Lane, Hulk, Fantastic 4, X-Men, the Flash and others.

Of the 34 $0.10 books, probably half do not have a cover as those were the ones that he had when we was still very young. Nearly all of the others are in very good shape and several I would classify as Ex to Mint. All told, there are probably 1000-1200 books with $0.25 or less on the cover.

He has several Star Wars comics, however, I don't remember seeing issue #1 that brings such a premium. I believe that is a $0.35 book.

I spoke to mom last night and she is going to begin the arduous task of cataloging one by one. I think that I did her a favor by sorting by book price. Now she can start from the cheapest and prioritize. The story boards and pre-published art work are probably the biggest wild card. I am still trying to get a handle on their potential value - if any at all.

I do appreciate the help and advice. I am hoping to hear back from my Heritage connection soon. However, I think that we still have some work to do before we figure out if there is anything there.
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned as I just skimmed through the posts, but are there not comic book forums around that might possibly help?
In this day and age where there seems to be a forum for practically anything, I'd find it hard to believe some didn't exist for comic books?
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