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I'd be very hesitant to just hand them over to someone for a check. This sounds like really cool stuff. The auction world is so insane right now I'd much rather get them in a reputable auction house and let the chips fall where they may. I know Hakkes has a ton of comic stuff in every auction. I agree, and while I am not commenting on anyone and have little knowledge of the comic world, I've always assumed the point of these scouting trips is to get stuff at a price that someone else can make a killing on. And Hertage of course is a top notch AH and totally above board.

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I am sure that there are and thank you for pointing that out. I was very deliberate in posting in the other topics forum. I trust a lot of people here and have been here for some time. Since collectors span many different genres, I figured that I would ask some long time friends and hopefully get some feedback. That has happened just as I had hoped. I am not sure what the issue is posting the question in this forum as it is not on the main page.

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